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The A|E Advisors team is regularly published in business and industry magazines and newsletters, addressing breakthrough strategies and the latest trends in management, operations, marketing, recruiting, and leadership development. Recent publications include:

Strategic Planning for Design Firms
Kaplan A/E/C Publishing

A primer for developing an effective strategic plan, Strategic Planning for Design Firms covers everything from preparation and the CEO’s role through defining action plans and generating employee buy-in. Released in 2007, the book was co-authored by A|E Advisor Raymond F. Kogan, AIA, and Cara Bobchek.

Future Leaders Focus: A Survey of Young Architects and Engineers
by Barbara H. Irwin and Cara Bobchek

Ready for the solution to generational differences in your office? This is it: a comprehensive analysis of the responses to scores of questions that HR Advisors Group, LLC, asked of over 900 young architects, engineers, and other design professionals, performed by leading experts in human resources and strategic planning for A/E firms. With charts and graphs, explanatory text, and verbatim quotes from the survey respondents themselves, the Future Leaders Focus report will help you tackle the never ending challenge of finding and keeping talent, which is critical to your success and profitability.

The definitive source on the needs and desires of young professionals in today’s design industry, Future Leaders Focus answers key questions:

  • What’s important to our young employees—at work, in their profession as a whole, in their community, and in their personal life?
  • What motivates and/or de-motivates these employees?
  • What trends should my firm be focusing on when it comes to the younger generation?

Use the Future Leaders Focus survey data to improve your firm’s performance and success. Results are available at www.hradvisorsgroup.com

For the latest issue of the Friedman File, focusing on business development and marketing strategy, visit Friedman & Partners


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